Choose the KirilaNatur footwear, handmade and only from natural materials!

If you are looking for summer shoes, sandals or flip flops, you might want to think about some nature friendly alternatives. Kirila footwear is made with natural materials like leather, cotton and flax but most importantly, they are made with the minimum environmental damage in the production process. The Kirila summer wear collection means taking care of your feet and nature at the same time. These sandals and flip flops not only have a longer lifetime but they also bring you closer to quality and eco-consciousness.

They are created for women who know how to live responsibly in cohabitation with nature.

Every pair is handmade, unique and one of a kind, which is a true sign of quality.

If you seek an extraordinary, unique look that walks hand in hand with nature, then choose to walk with Kirila natur!

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